• Smoked Salmon Tasting

    Smoked Atlantic salmon with vodka (100g), Montreal Smoked Salmon
    (100g), Smoked salmon oven head (100g) and Gravlax (100g)

  • Bbq Kit

    Raw shrimp u15 (200g), salmon steak (250g), blue merlin steak (200g), salmon sausage maple and chipotle (3 sausages) and squid (226g)

  • Sushi Kit

    Rice (5lb), soy sauce (296), wasabi in tube (43g), nori leaf (10 leaves – 21g), bamboo mat, fresh salmon fillet (200g), scallops (180g), shelled cooked shrimp (200g) and tuna steak (180g)

  • Tartar kit

    Smoked salmon vodka (100g), fresh salmon fillet (200g), mujol caviar (120g) and Capers(210ml)



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